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Liku Questions

I still don't get it, explain again!
Ever seen a complete stranger in a bar, at a bus stop, or even in the street, and wondered if they found you attractive or not?

Ever been too shy to ask someone out on a date for fear of rejection?

Liku is here to help. You simply scan for nearby people using Liku and tag the people you like from the list. If they do the same and like you too, then the two of you will get a message to tell you they feel the same way and you'll both be connected.

I can't get it to work
Please let us know what the problem is by emailing

How do I chat to someone?
Tap the picture of anyone in your 'Matches' section and you will see their profile. Hit the blue 'Chat' button to send them a message.

What does 'tagging' mean?
Tagging is when you tell Liku that you like someone. If they tag you too, then Liku let's you know that the feeling is mutual and you will appear in each other's 'Matches' section.

What happens once we're matched?
Once you are matched you will be able to chat directly to the other person, as well as send them images and your location.

Do I have to put my details in/
You have to put some details in to use Liku, otherwise how will people know who they are liking?

Can I add more info to my profile?
You can go back at any time to add more information to your profile.

There's no one here!
Liku is a brand new service which gets better the more people use it, so please be patient as it will take a while to spread. Please help us by telling your friends about Liku and following our tips for how to Support Liku.

I found a problem!
We're constantly working on fixing bugs and improving the app so if you spot something please let us know. The best way is to use our Feedback Form.

What do the colours in the boxes mean?
Green means you Like someone, Yellow that they like you but you don't like them, and red that you are matched.

There's someone I don't like anymore, can I clear them from my match list?
Simply tap their picture to see their profile then tap the red 'Unlike' button to remove them from the list.